New STAR TREK game, with music by Chad Seiter.

Today marks the release of the new STAR TREK video game, made by Paramount Pictures, Digital Extremes, and published by Namco. I had the pleasure of writing the music to this absolutely fantastic game.

Anybody who knows me knows how important Star Trek is to me, and it has always been a huge part of my life. It’s so cool that a dream of mine since I was a kid has finally come true. The score itself is massive. It’s nearly 120 minutes of awesome action music. I composed the score over the course of three months late last year, and recorded it in December with a giant 120 piece orchestra — and that is NOT including a choir! It was orchestrated and conducted by my wife, Susie Benchasil Seiter, who rocked it, as always. I will soon be putting up samples of the score after it has permeated a bit!

I hope you all enjoy the game, and enjoy the score! Congratulations and THANK YOU to Paramount, Digital Extremes, and Namco! And finally, a giant thank you to STAR TREK composer Michael Giacchino, who gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. Of course, it wouldn’t be an awesome Star Trek score without an awesome giant orchestra, so here are some pictures…

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