Symphony of the Goddesses In Nintendo Power, September 2012

Hello everybody, this month’s issue has a feature article about my concert series, The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. I have taken the music of the Legend of Zelda concert series and arranged it into a four-part symphony. We also¬†have many one-offs of many classic Zelda melodies through suites and medleys. If any of you would like to come, head over to our Symphony of the Goddesses website to purchase tickets. To your right is a picture of the September 2012 Nintendo Power. After many years of prolific reporting, they are discontinuing their publication this year. I am honored to be in their final few articles, considering I have read Nintendo Power since I was a kid.

Full Resolution Image (so you can read it!)

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Event at the Nintendo World Store in New York City, Sept. 14th

Hi everybody, I will be at the Nintendo World Store on September 14th, where a small ensemble will be performing old and new arrangements from THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: SYMPHONY OF THE GODDESSES for anybody who would like to listen, free of charge. It is 7:00PM for those who are interested. Please drop in and say hi!

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New site in progress

Welcome to a new – I’m currently in the process of building this new site, so some things will be incomplete. If you need to reach me, the Comments tab is fully functional, as well as links to IMDB and the credits page. I will have music up and running soon. The links to my social services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn work, too. Thank you guys so much!

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